Hello from Hubby Helps

Today marks the first post in Hubby Helps history, as a 30 year old Daddy Gamer I plan to post some interesting tactics deployed to gain a few valuable moments gaming, whilst juggling a full time job, kids and wife!

Please do not think this is going to be one of those “Gamer” blogs, I will be posting about a variety of issues, like my tech support given out (yeah I am on speed dial to the mother in-law!).  General family fun, days out and money saving issues.

Gaming has obviously run through my blood and as much as “The Mrs” doesn’t want to admit it she was once a more hard core gamer than me! Both the Eldest and Youngest have DS’s now, the Eldest is still battling through Super Mario Bros. I am sure it will not be long until he wants his first personal console or laptop in their playroom (I can’t actually wait for this I always wanted a decked out gaming room – shame it will not be mine!!) This table should come in handy!

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