Thursday, 27 April 2017

How Has The Internet Changed Our Life At Home?

If there is one thing that has changed it all for us at work and at home, it is the internet. From streaming, directions, entertainment and information, we have it all at our fingertips.

Let's take a look at entertainment. Fifteen years ago, if you wanted to listen to a band - or if you had a song that was stuck in your head, you'd need to head down to the CD store and pick up the disc to play. The internet was around, but not everyone had an internet connection to log into Napster and enjoy peer-to-peer music sharing of which the legality of the action was unknown. Even then, internet speeds limited song streaming - if you wanted a song, it would take you hours to download a single song. A whole album could take a day if you didn't live on the internet highway. Napster was way ahead of its time, but the revolution it started has been fully realized today. With applications like Spotify, Deezer and of course - Napster, we can stream entire discographies in seconds. If we want to listen to Springsteen, we can - if we want to blast the 'Stones, it is possible. There is nothing stopping us now! It doesn't stop at music, if we skip back ten years ago - we still had to make plenty of trips to the DVD rental place to watch the films we wanted to watch. Now things are easier now we know how to get Netflix and other streaming sites. Netflix gives us a library of tailored content, amazing movies and television shows as well as its own content - including some of the Marvel stuff like Iron Fist and Luke Cage that it has been producing. The internet also allows us to game online with people through services like Steam, Playstation Plus and Xbox Live. At home, that means the internet has meant more access to entertainment and connectivity than ever before.

There is so much the internet can do for us. Like we’ve just said, we can access more ways of entertainment than ever before. We can also access a lot of information. If there is a DIY or home maintenance project that we want to complete, or need to action - we can find not only countless written guides, but a number of video based tutorials. This isn’t just for DIY, it is for everything - that means studying and homework has never been simpler and the research skills used will certainly be useful for kids later in life.

It’s also about connectivity - the internet has made it easier than ever to talk to our family. We can get in touch at work or when we are out and about thanks to the abundance of instant messaging applications.

From entertainment to information and connectivity, the internet has made home life enjoyable - but with every good thing - moderation is key. The internet opens doors for us, but we need to enjoy them ourselves instead of being glued to screens all the time.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Home Indulgences

If you look around your home, chances are you will see a mix of two things: 

Practical items. The items that you need or have a specific use for. That would be the TV, the white goods in your kitchen, the essential furniture. 

Decorative items. Not necessarily an essential in terms of usage, but definitely required if you want your home to feel… well… homely. Items like rugs and other soft furnishings apply here, as well as ornaments and any wall decoration that you have. 

So far, so normal; that’s the general gist of the majority of homes - and that’s how it should be. There is always going to be a set of items that are needed for specific functions, and then complementary items designed to make everything look a bit nicer. 

But What About Indulgence?

Chances are, you and your family haven’t given much thought to the idea that your home should be indulgent. It’s always at the bottom of the list, and there’s no arguing with its placement there. Saying that an item is indulgent is another way of saying that it’s superfluous, so it’s not necessary for you to focus too hard on them. 

Still. They do make life nice. That in itself is pretty important. Your home is your sanctuary and the place in the world where you should feel most comfortable, so why not go all out and indulge in something for once? The practical purchases will always be there, and decor trends change as often as the wind - but pick the right indulgence and you’ll not only make endless use of it, but you’ll give your home an extra personal feel. 

Sports Fan? Make Your Home Your Stadium 

If you’re big into sports, then a little nod to this in your home choices is a great idea. It could be a darts board or a choice from the finest pool tables that you elect to spice up your home choices. This not only gives you an option to play from home with family rather than having to go out, but also adds a decorative element with a practical use - it’s a win/win! 

Love Your Movies? Home Cinema Delights

While you might not have the space for a full-blown home cinema, a few additions can make the experience as authentic as possible. Why not go for a popcorn maker, so you can have the perfect snack when you settle down for the evening? Or an investment in stereo sound, which is the perfect way to watch movies without having to pay an extortionate ticket price. 

Relaxation A Priority? A Spa In Your Own Home

It’s easier than you might think to convert a shed into a sauna, if you have the outdoor space for it. Saunas are great for your health and can give you a little enclave from the real world. 

If you need to keep things indoors, then turning your existing bath into a whirlpool option can make a world of difference. What could be more delightful than spending a hard day at work, then being able to retreat for a long soak to ease your tired muscles?

Friday, 21 April 2017

Making some important spring time changes #healthy

I have recently started Kick Boxing once a week, and I must admit that I am thoroughly enjoying myself, sure I wake up the next day with aching muscles but that must mean I am actively getting fitter. (some sessions have left me aching for several days!) 

Both myself and the Mrs have taken up this new class and we are intending on keeping up with the exercises during the week in order to take up the multiple challenges we face during the lessons! For me yesterday I really struggled skipping rope - something I have not even attempted since I was at school!

Now that we have taken up this class we are keen for some of our friends to come on board with a new fitness regime, however for some of them they are keen to give up smoking before taking the leap into exercising. When I finally gave up it was shear will power alone that got me through and the fact I met the Mrs! However nowadays there are several different avenues to venture down, consulting you local pharmacy can prove useful for some and for others have a look down the vaping route can prove to be as successful, after all once you have decided on a device you can simply replace a traditional cigarette with an electronic version, and slowly wean yourself off of the nicotine. I think this would have been of great benefit to me as its not a cold turkey method, I remember back to having idle hands when I gave up and the first 10 to 30 days was very tricky indeed!

Once they have quit the habit it will be exciting to have some extra friends to get fitter and healthier with, as there is no better motivation than that of close friends! (especially when it comes to critiquing)