Thursday, 20 October 2016

Sorting your snagging list #electricals

We are still waging war with fixing up the house and are looking at getting the final finishing touches done in some of our completed rooms.

I must admit that some of the finishes needed I have totally overlooked them completely! The main focus for us at the moment is Ceiling lighting, after all we don't often look up all that often! But it is a massive feature when you come to thing about it, it is something that can really add to the ambience of the room.

In some of our rooms we are lucky enough to have lovely original and ornate ceiling rose's, that should be justified by having a lovely dropped chandelier style light fitting.

It can be extremely difficult to select the ideal light fitting, not just for their look and design but for the actual light output it gives, I have in the past been rather disappointed by a light fitting I did choose, as some of the frame actually blocked the light from spreading around the room effectively, since then I ensure I have completed extensive research prior to purchasing a fitting.

I am quite excited about getting our dining room finished, we have been entertaining a lot more recently and the walls still need plastering and painting, but what I am really looking forward to is fitting a proper light to really set the mood if the room, meaning I can really show off my dinners when people come over!

With light fittings it can be fairly straight forward to fit them yourself, and I have done with most of the new lights I have purchased, but you have to remember you have to keep things safe. If at any point you are unsure about which colour wire fits with the new set, stop and bring in the professionals!

Winter Checks You Need To Do Before The Cold Sets In

Photo source: Pixabay

It's almost winter! And with that brings magic and joy, but also a certain amount of preparation. Make sure your home life is ready for the weather that the holidays may bring, by ticking off the checklist below.

Home Appliances

Before winter hits makes sure that all your home appliances have been serviced and are in working order. If you have an A/C unit makes sure to turn it off and then cover it for protection. Get your oven professionally cleaned ready for all that Christmas baking. Make sure that the boiler has been serviced and that your thermostat is working correctly. If you are going away for the winter, make sure to drain your pipes of all water and put anti-freeze in the toilet. If you decide to drain the pipes before you go away, make sure to leave the furnace on to ensure that the pipes don’t freeze. Before the cold sets in also make sure to clean your gutter of any debris to stop ice building up. Run water through your gutters to make sure all is working smoothly. Use chaulk to fix any cracks in your seals on door frames and windows. This will ensure your house heats better. It will also save on expensive energy bills. Also, make sure that all your outdoor lights are in working order. As darker nights set in you don't want to be fumbling in the pitch black. Invest in energy saving light bulbs if you haven’t already done so.

Photo source: Pixaby

Cars And Bikes

Before we well and truly get into winter make sure the car and any bicycles that your family use are in full working order. Make sure you get an MOT for your car if time is running out. And while you are doing that get a full service too. Cars aren’t happy bunnies in ice, snow, and rain so give them the best start by making sure your services are up to date. Also make sure you have anti-freeze, gloves and an ice scraper in the glove compartment. Keep an emergency bag in the boot as well, which includes a cell phone charger, blanket, first aid kit, torch, screen wash, and shovel. And if you are going on long journeys always carry an extra hot drink flask. Make sure your kid's bike tires are pumped and that their helmets are in good working order. Also ensure they have the correct lights and reflective tape to use on their frame, bag, and clothes.

Medicine Cabinet

Winter can bring all sorts of bugs and illnesses. And over the holiday's, pharmacy opening hours may be restricted. Make sure your medicine cabinet is fully stocked in case of minor illnesses. While there is no cure for a cold or flu, there are certain medicines that can ease the pain and also herbal cough syrups too.. Make sure you have nasal decongestants, honey, and cough remedies in your cabinet in case anyone comes down with one. Also be sure you have a stock of Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Immodium, Paracetamol and Calpol for the kids. And also check that you have plasters, gauze, and bandages in case of any Christmas dinner prep cuts.   

Duvets And Pillows

Last but not least, to prepare your home for winter make sure you have extra duvets, blankets and hot water bottles in case the cold really sets in. Also, invest in some extra pillows and toothbrushes in case any guests unexpectedly stay over!    

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Planning Your Stag Do #party

It is certainly something that I missed out on during the lead up to our wedding day, but it was not something I was particularly worried about missing out on as my wife to be was already pregnant and I had other priorities, however if it was now that I was getting married then I would indeed do things a little differently!

I think for such a big event, you really need to bring in the experts to make sure that everything is organised. TheStagandHenExperience have some great packages and ideas to ensure things go smoothly especially if you want to have the ultimate night (or more commonly weekend!)

For me I do not drink a massive amount and would rather partake in alternative activities, that being said I would want at least one good night out drinking in some fashionable venue!

My top list of activities I would have liked to get up to on my Stag Do would be:

Off Road 4x4 Driving

I have previously done some off road driving with Subaru, it was an absolutely amazing experience, getting the right gears to hold on vertical inclines, along with driving down river beds, its the kind of experience you would remember for years to come!


Its not something I have ever done before, I have done various laser tags, but would love to have a go at this sporting activity (I always loved my FPS computer games after all!)


I have not properly gone go-karting since I past my driving test a decade or so ago, but I used to be really good, an opportunity to destroy my fellow Stags out on the track would be a must in my book!


I think most of us lad would like to be the player at a casino, so why not opt for ticking this of the bucket list on your history Stag Do! After all it's your money until you say I do!