Monday, 27 March 2017

Easter: Some facts you might not know #Easter

I really cannot believe we are hurtling towards Easter, another two weeks of school holidays and the ritual call from the Easter Bunny who makes an invisible visit to hide some eggs around the house or out in the garden. This year however I am intending to be slightly healthier (perhaps I should have given up chocolate for lent!), so I may replace this years chocolate binge with some rabbit food (sigh!), but do keep an eye out for my alternative Easter gift guide coming up soon. 

For the boys they really love Easter, of course not as much as Christmas but its a good second place, and for them another time to stock up on some more chocolate especially since their Christmas Stores as a far and distant thought! 

As we are a family that enjoy our facts the guys over at Busy Bees who have nurseries in Kettering among other places have collated some great fun facts about Easter in this following info-graphic: 

My favorite fact has to be the worlds largest Easter egg hunt with took place on 1st April 2007 and included 501,000 eggs, what I like best about that is that only 9,753 children took part which means one of two things, either each child got over 50 eggs or parents decided to ditch the kids in order to get there hands on some! 

Another fact I just has to get number crunching on was globally 48.1 billion eggs and sweets are sold and 80 million chocolate eggs are sold in the UK. This equates to 6.4 eggs or sweets per head in the world and 1.25 chocolate eggs per person in the UK (both on average). 

I do remember fondly back to my childhood, trying to out do my brother and sister with the shear volume of chocolate I could find on an Easter egg hunt!

Play This! A Gaming Computer From Scratch

One of the coolest things to do for a modern family (or just to treat yourself, or the kids) is to build a gaming computer.

Gaming is a great hobby and allows our kids to be social. With everything, moderation is key - but a gaming computer is something you can actually make, and benefit from if you love gaming. If your kids are into their games, this might even be something that they request of you, so it's worth keeping up with the times in any case so that you're not caught out by anything your kids throw at you. What's more, building a computer is really simple. You just need to follow the instructions.

Where do you get started with building a gaming computer, though?

The very first thing you need to buy is a motherboard. Why? Because it's the brain of a computer and every single part will need to bow down to the needs and size of the motherboard to work. If you buy other items first, you might handicap the motherboard. Buy the best motherboard available to you, because it is important. The case comes after. This should be the right size case for the motherboard, which is another reason as to why you should purchase the motherboard first. These times should come with enough essentials in the way of nuts and bolts, but be sure to pick up some spares.

What comes next? RAM - RAM is the 'size' of the computer. More RAM equates to more space for the computer to work with. These RAM sticks need to be identical in terms of performance so the workload can be balanced. They also need to match the specs of your motherboard (yet another reason to start off with the motherboard, so you know what you can buy!).16GB of RAM should suffice, but don't be scared to knock it up to 32 gigabytes if you feel that your machine can handle it.

Next? The CPU. The CPU is needed so the computer is capable of 'thought' and can actually do things. The bigger CPU, the better - just make sure you check what is compatible.

A graphics card will be the standout piece of your computer. Advanced users might pair graphics cards up, but you'll only need one nice card to run your computer visuals.

The last pieces of the puzzle are the hard-drive and power supply. An SSD offers faster load times, but are expensive. Simply purchase the option you can afford and aim for around 1 terabyte of space. The power supply should be modular and is bought last - why? So you can calculate the power usage of all your current parts and buy a supply that will run your computer! Finally, grab one of the best gaming monitors, pair it up with a VGA cable - grab the operating system and you are good to go!

Then it’s time to grab your games - your computer should be able to run whatever you please if you’ve bought smartly, but upgrades aren’t hard to perform!

Take The Family On A Car Adventure This Summer

Spring has sprung, and the days are getting longer and longer. You know what that means: it’s time to start looking forward to those blissful summer days, when the sun shines bright (we hope) and we get to do nothing but dream big and share the company of our loved ones. There’s also that all important family holiday to think about. Instead of booking a cheap flight to a sunny destination in the south of Europe, why not make this year a little bit different and take a family road trip? You’ll have the freedom wherever you please, and we’re fairly certain your kids will love it too.


Road Trip Fun

One of the beauties of a road trip is that they’re so easy to organise, though it does get slightly more complicated when you’re going overseas. You’ll need to be covered for international travel, so take a look at One Sure Insurance and make sure you’re fully covered in case something goes wrong. If you’re inexperienced in driving in a foreign country, then read up on how to drive abroad and make sure there are no unintentionally adrenaline pumping moments. Other than, it’s all about packing the usual car gear and hitting the road for an adventure of a lifetime.

Where Will You Go?

Ah, yes, that’s the question: where will you go? If you’re travelling from England, then the obvious destination is France. That beautiful country has got a lot going for it, though you’ll probably want to skip jam packed Paris and head straight to the south, where the driving is fantastic and the scenery oh so beautiful. You do have freedom to go further of course if time allows, and once you’re down that far you won’t be too far away from the mountains of Switzerland or the laid back vibes of Spain.


Camping Under The Stars

Driving for your holiday isn’t necessarily going to save you money versus a normal trip, but it does allow you the chance to see much more of the continent that you would if you were flying overhead. It also allows you to have different accommodation each night. Indeed, pack your camping gear into the vehicle and you can spend every night under a blanket of a million stars with the people you love. Throw in the guitar and it’ll be music around the campfire, and does life get any better than that?!

Out of the Comfort Zone

Ultimately, a camping trip overseas is definitely one of the more interesting ways to spend your summer holiday. It’ll be beneficial for you and your children, and will bring you closer together in the process. Of course, the kids might get slightly bored if you’re just getting all wistful about the beauty of nature, so make sure you add a few fun side trips during the journey too. There’s plenty of theme parks around that’ll get the energy jolt they need to make it a holiday they’ll never forget - and you might just find you have fun there, too.