Thursday, 23 June 2016

New Growth #beard

Since the turn of the year I have been, on and off growing facial hair, it hasn't been something that I have been all that bothered with before but, as the two monsters love to whizz around me in the morning, shaving is one thing that I have had to sacrifice on occasion to save time!

So with my new founded facial hair, I needed advice on how to go about keeping my beard in trim.

Other than having to find a half decent guide to ensure my beard keeps straight cut and trim what else can you expect when you are trying a new look:


Nothing ever gets past anyone (especially around the office), so be prepare for some interesting comments, mine ranged from a respectable "designer stumble" to a much worse "hedge monkey!". Although I am sure that must have been on one of my off days, waking up late not brushing my hair, let alone ensuring a sharp all over look.

The Itch

Battling through the first few weeks you have to be ready for the excruciatingly irritating itch, once you have over come this it doesn't always stop there. So your best move when planning to grow a beard is to keep you new facial hair and the skin underneath clean, moisturised and trimmed. By doing this you can alleviate this itch and enjoy the experience with far less distraction. (I must admit the last few attempts of growing a beard I neglected this advice and didn't last much longer than four weeks!) 


Its one thing saving time during your morning routine, but your beard does become its own beast that needs regular tending, so make sure you are prepared with the necessary tools to keep this beast tamed! You will have to fit in some time to ensure you don't let your hair run a muck, I would say a weekly touch up would be fine, but cleaning at least every other day, you don't want to be hoarding food in your beard for weeks on end! (or have critters move in!)

In the end don't feel defeated if you just want to call it a day and say good bye to your beard, until the next time!

Monday, 20 June 2016

An Awesome Guide to Adventure Recreation with Children

There are plenty of adventurous parents out there who want to share their favorite hobbies with their children. But how many of the most popular adventure recreation activities are suitable for kids?

Here’s a quick guide to adventurous recreation with your young one!

Should I take my kid… scuba diving?

Scuba diving requires specific lessons. If you’re a scuba diver yourself, then you’ll know this full well! But just because you’re a scuba diver, it doesn’t mean you can legally teach your kid how to do it yourself. Children can start taking lessons from around the age of ten in this country, but you need to be sure they’re ready to do so.

There are some obvious prerequisites that should be met. For example, your child should obviously know how to swim already, and should have an actual interest in wanting to scuba dive! But you also need to make sure they’re medically fit enough to start this activity. In general, it’s probably best to leave it for a few years to figure out if the activity is right for them at all.

Should I take my kid… camping?

Absolutely! Most people went on their first camping trip when they were children. It’s a fantastic way of learning a great many things that will be very useful later in life. Of course, you shouldn’t force your child to go camping with you if they’re uncomfortable with it. But how do you know that it would make them uncomfortable?

One thing you should try is a backyard campout. Preferably, this experience should be as close to the real thing as you can get it. If you can safely start a campfire in your garden, then go for it! Show them a website like Rolling Fox to get them started in learning some essential camping skills.

Should I take my kid… climbing?

“Climbing” is way too vague a word, if you think about it. Are we talking about a climb up Mt Everest, here? If the answer is yes, I want to take my kid up Mt Everest… then the answer is no, you shouldn’t. But you can certainly start a 8-12 year old on indoor climbing lessons!

Of course, “climbing” can also refer to hiking. As long as they’re physically fit, then a hiking trip might be a great idea. Whatever you do, make sure everything you do is tailored to the child’s desires and abilities. Kids can achieve a lot in climbing and hiking if they’re really up to the task!

Should I take my kid… skydiving?

Woah! Slow down there, friend! A skydive is probably way too intense for a young child. Then again, you are reading the words of someone who is terrified of heights and who will probably never skydive in their life. But the law has my back here. The earliest age you’re legally allowed to take your child skydiving is 16. But the vast majority of skydiving institutes will flat-out refuse unless your child is over 18!

This doesn’t mean your younger child has to miss out, though. There are plenty of indoor skydiving experiences that are suitable for young ones! Sure, it’s very different from real skydiving. But it’s still a great idea!

Sensational Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy This Weekend

Keeping the children busy this weekend is something you need to think about. You don't want them sitting in front of the TV all the time. It’s also important to consider that they have short attention spans, so they need things that excite them. Check out these sensational ways of keeping your kids busy over the weekend.
A Day Out

There are many fun things you can do with your family this summer. If the weather is nice, you could opt to take the children on a family day out. Go and visit an urban farm or the local zoo and let the kids spend the day looking at the animals. You could even consider something like a theme park to add a bit more excitement into the day. Think about the best choice for the family and then get the kids out of the house.


You might choose activities for the children to do as well to keep them occupied. This could range from going to their park, playing sport, or visiting an activity world. Speak to the kids and see what they would like to do and what might interest them. It’s important that children remain active because they need to stay fit and healthy. But, they also need something that’s going to hold their interest and attention. And the best way of doing that is to come up with activities for them to do.
Arts & Crafts

One of the best things you can do with the kids to keep them entertained is arts and crafts. These are an excellent source of creativity, and the kids all have something to show at the end of it. You could turn it into a family project, and get the children excited about creating things for mummy and daddy. The first thing you need to do is stock up on the arts and crafts essentials. This means you need discounted glue dots, adhesive, tape, and tools. You’ve got to have paper, card, beads, wood and other items. Get everything together and choose a room of the house where you can enjoy some arts and crafts. Of course, you need to make sure you supervise as much as you can as well.


If you have a Saturday free, you could introduce the children to the wonders of baking. All kids like cakes and cookies, and you can entice them by telling them they can make them! Of course, you’ll need to make sure you oversee and supervise what is being done. The actual baking and anything to do with the oven should be done by you. But the children can have fun mixing, shaping and decorating the cakes or cookies. This is a wonderful way of getting their creative juices flowing and doing something together that you can all bond over.
Build a Birdhouse

If you have a garden, you may well find you get visits from birds. Sometimes it’s nice to go out and feed the birds with bread, or by using a bird feeder. But, the best thing to do would be to build a birdhouse to hang in the garden. You can get the kids involved in this, or, at least get them to help you. It’s a great way of teaching them about caring for animals, and keeping the creative and crafty. It might also be their first foray into any kind of DIY work. And this is something they’re going to need to learn about as they get older.


One of the best things you can do when it comes to keeping the kids busy is swimming. The great thing about going swimming is that it’s appropriate for all ages, and it’s good for your health. If you have a local pool or leisure centre near you, it would be a good idea to get your children enrolled for swimming lessons. Once the kids learn how to swim they will have picked up and important life skill. And it will mean you can take them swimming on a regular basis, as a great way of keeping them occupied. Swimming is inexpensive and a fantastic way of keeping fit while the children amuse themselves.
Play Date

It’s important for your children to socialise and interact with other kids of their age. That's why getting them into sports is such a good idea. They might meet a child who they bond with, and that's the perfect opportunity to arrange a play date. Speak to the other parent and try to arrange a time to get together so the kids can play. This is a great way of keeping the children busy and helping them form new friendships as well. At the same time, you might also make new friends in the process. So it’s one of those things that's great for the whole family as well. A play date is an essential part of your child’s life and a great way of keeping busy.

Dressing Up

The children will often have their own ideas about things they want to do. And it’s sometimes a good idea to let them choose because they often get more out of it. One of the big ones is likely going to be to play dressing up. There's a good bet that they are going to want you to join in and play with them. This is all part of the process of being a parent and keeping your children entertained and amused. Dressing up is a fun game because it helps them to use their imaginations, and helps make use of things around the home. It’s one of those things that’s perfect for rainy days, and it’s not going to cost you anything either.
The weekends can be chaotic in a family home. It’s a different kind of chaos to that which you have to deal with during the week. The kids are hyper, excitable and energetic because it’s the weekend. They need stimulation and it’s up to you as parents to give it to them. That’s why you need to come up with as many ideas as you can to keep the kids occupied this weekend. Use the points on this list to give you a diverse range of ideas that will help you come up with plenty of things to do.