Sunday, 26 February 2017

How to Spread Bet Successfully #financial

Since my post about Savings and Investments I have been debating dabbling in spread betting, so I have done my usual and researched the subject. I am in no way an expert and in fact a complete novice but here is my quick guide on how to spread bet with success!

First if all what exactly is spread betting?

It is a form of betting that allows you to speculate on market conditions without having to purchase the actual shares. You do not have to bet the whole of your capital and any wins are not liable for capital gains or stamp duty. If you are interested in starting out you need to find a financial trading company to work with like Fx Pro.

So here is my highlight from the information I have found:

Start small

When you are first stepping out into the spread betting world start small you can quickly lose your money if you go in too big, I would suggest a maximum of £1 per point for your first few months of trading.

Use a stop loss

As spread betting if a leveraged product you can lose more that your investment, as such it is very important you use a stop loss to reduce a potential loss and ensure your not eating into your gains.

Get into the mind set

One thing you need to get into your head, is the difference between Profit and Loss and win ratio, you can have some spread bet players out there who only win a small margin of the time, however their profit is financially viable. This can be due to the leverage used on some bets! On the other hand you may have some players winning 90% of the time but in the 10% losses they have suffered an incredibly.


It seems apparent that you should attempt to specialise in some markets, not only to allow you to find the sweet spots but to all you to focus on just a few things rather than having to exhaust yourself monitoring numerous markets. Meaning you can make your investments count and really bolster up you profits!

With all that being said you need to ensure you have done your own homework you do not want to lose all your hard earned savings, and remember you can lose more than you invest. I am still undecided in which way I intend to make my investments, but I will go into it with my eyes wide open, that is a must.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How to: Get your garden summer ready #garden

I am pretty sure some of you out there are thinking "I need to get my body summer ready" or actively attaining your ultimate summer body goals. However spare a thought for your poor gardens this year!

For me, I need to get my self trim that's for sure, but rather than jetting off to the Gym my plan this year is to head to the garden and I don't mean to give the lawn a quick cut. Its never too early in the year to start the ground work when it come to landscaping your garden, and ours is pretty much neglected year on year!

I intend to head over to Travis Perkins to order a couple of tonnes of Plum slate chippings and landscaping bark. But first I want to pull up some of the tarmac area that we have surrounding our house, with the intention to sink the kids trampoline into the ground and bark line the immediate area.

I would like to then have a nice floral boarder around our external garden wall which will be lined with a chippings walk way. One thing I need to ensure I do is get some quality grass seeds in order for the boys to have a nice lawn to play on as currently the have to go into our external garden area for this!

We also have a raised garden, the intention there would be to order some decking and utilise the space for BBQ's and relaxation. The Mrs would really like a hot tub up there, perhaps she will have to settle in the first instance for a hanging tree seat until we have a bigger budget! One thing is for sure once the transformation has been undertaken we will have to have a party in its honour! (any excuse really!)

With all that digging and shoveling of materials I am sure my summer body goals will be well underway! 

Stepping out in style #jacket

We have recently been travelling around at weekends taking in different sites, not to mention cramming in the much needed dining out. One thing I have noticed being out so much is the fact that there are so many people out there that obviously keep up with the latest trends with their wardrobes.

Now some of the places we have travelled to have been rather muddy and in torrential rain, however people have still been there looking picture perfect! Not me however, I have been sporting some seriously dubious trainers and a big warm coat!

So I want to trade in this coat in a last ditch effort to make myself look that little bit more trendy! I have been checking out a Jacket with Hood on Octer to ensure I can keep trendy but dry if needed, as I am sure the Mrs will continue to get me back out in the rain again, after all its not just her that gets cabin fever the boys tend to go a bit more feral if we they don't get enough exercise.

With all that being said, I thing it is important to ensure that I invest a little bit of time on researching the latest trends to hit 2017! So here are a few of the essentials for any of you un-trendy dads out there!


Apparently checks started to come back last year?! Well now that us guys have been wearing them for sometime, its anticipated that we have become comfortable enough for us to be boldly wearing them. Watch out for the next meeting I attend my checks will smack you in the face!


Oh this could be dangerous, if we mix our stripes and checks! However stripes have always been in, trust me I must be a fashion icon when it comes to stripes as I wear them daily for work! The great aspect with stripped wear is how versatile it is when it come to pulling together your overall look. not to forget you can mutli-colour stripe to ensure you standout from the crowd!

Printed T'Shirts

Still got some old printed T'Shirts then your in luck as they are staying this year, but ensure you match them with something a bit more now, like some fitted trousers and smarter jackets. I am pretty sure if I can still fit in them then I should be covered for this!